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Reviewer Track is a trademark platform hub to connect reviewers all over the world. The aim of this hub is to provide platform to synergize for academician, scholar, and professional with diverse background of field studies and expertise. Reviewer Track also designated as a platform to provide recognition for reviewers



Reviewer Track

  1. Reviewer Track has obligation to keep any information given to be confidential
  2. Reviewer Track will not responsible for any comments inside the reviews, however we contend that the reviews need to remain ethical. Please see our section of How to Review and Ethical Guidelines. 
  3. Reviewer Track is granted the right to use the review result unless stated otherwise. Reviewer Track may share, copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt the submitted manuscript in ethical process.
  4. You may not use the copy of manuscript for any personal use without specific consent given by Reviewer Track and author(s)


  1. Reviewer’s personal details will be treated in a closed manner
  2. Reviewer is obliged to made their reviews anonymous
  3. Any reviews need to be reviewer’s own work
  4. By submitting your review, you agree to give the license for Reviewer Track to use it wisely


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